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Abrasive wheel

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Abrasive wheel

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● PTI- Vitrified Bonded Abrasive Wheel

vitrified bonded general purpose grinding wheels for use on bench, floor stand and pedestal grinders are most economic and efficient in grinding of all steels.
They are designed for use of versatile off-hand grinding in deburring bar stock after cutting, and touching-up reconditioning and sharpening tools where precision grinding is not required.

● PTI-Cut-off wheel

cut-off wheels are designed to easy performance, safety, low cost and ready availability for use with a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metal cutting applications such as bar stock, structural steel, tubing, sheet metal and etc.
Reinforced cut-off wheels are used in all cutting operations where the work piece or the wheels is controlled by hand-held machines such as potable grinders, circular saws, chop saws, gas saws, stationary and swing flame cut-off machines.

● PTI-Rubber Regulating Abrasive wheel

The regulating wheels for centerless grinding wheels are rubber bonded, and we are with 7”(180mm) to 18”(455mm) in diameter and the same thickness as the centerless grinding wheel.

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Abrasive wheel